Belgian Family Courts shared parenting judgments


Belgian Family Courts Shared Parenting Judgments
In this paper I want to present the results of research by myself and the team I’m working together with, in hundreds of recent judgments in cases in which equal shared time parenting has been asked by one parent. They show that too large differences exist between the different courts and individual judges. Among the motivations used, the age of the child is the most often used one. So I’ll show how to adapt the parenting time arrangement to the age of the child; for the youngest children these age adapted arrangements inevitably are equal time shared parenting arrangements. I want to add a model of arrangement for reducing the disparity of the judgments, which can be used in mediation and as a default judgment that can be adapted by the parents (and children) to their own family situation.


Mr. Jan Piet H. de Man
European Institute for the Best Interests of the
Child, Belgium
Abstract: Belgian Family Courts Shared
Parenting Judgments

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